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“I brought P2L into Biscom at the beginning of my tenure as CEO to provide fractional CFO, Data remediation/FP&A services and to vet Controller and permanent CFO candidates. Their dedication and advice helped us get aligned for growth and helped enable our successful acquisition by Concord Technologies. Highly recommend P2L to stabilize, ramp and provide a bridge to your permanent finance leader.”

Dave Lucey

Chief Executive Officer, Biscom

“Wall Street Horizon was a "long-lived" startup; very successful, attracting a diverse and competent set of senior managers and developing a long-lasting annuity business. As CTO for WSH, I worked with P2L and found them to be both competent and insightful, lending a sense of stability and professionalism to what could have been a very unseasoned senior team. I appreciated P2L’s contribution to the development of the company, providing just the right mix for our merry band of pirates 😊. Thanks for the excellent advice and support for our venture. I would recommend P2L to anyone needing a professional CFO.”

Rich Carlson

Chief Technology Officer, Wall Street Horizon, a TMX Company 

“I have been working with Mark and the P2L team for many years, beginning with Onex Communications where he was a Co-founder and CFO. Mark is also my CFO at Equitas Tech and has been since inception. P2L combines the attention to detail and compliance orientation so critical to a startup, with a big picture strategic view. As co-founders and investors in a number of successful startups, P2L also gets how to deal calmly and rationally with rapid change and crisis which all startups experience.”


Chuba Udokwu

Technology Executive Equitas, Bulger, Alcatel/Lucent

Josephy OConner.jpeg

“Mark served as a valuable member of the Board of Directors at IHCIS. He was an engaged participant contributing both strategic and tactical guidance. P2L assisted during all stages of the company's growth, from the earliest days to our eventual acquisition by Ingenix (now Optum - UnitedHealth Group , UHG).”

Joseph O’Connor

Venture Partner and Investment Committee Member, Converge Venture Partners

“We have brought the very capable team at P2L into a number of clients in the U.S. and abroad over the years to provide critical due diligence support in advance of sales events. These services range from FP&A work, creating detailed client forecasts for inclusion in the pitch deck, assessing unit economics of existing and future revenue streams, QOE Analyses, and getting historical financials into compliance with GAAP and other relevant standards. We consider P2L to be a critical part of our bench of professionals and recommend them highly.”

Robert Flemming-Bowen.jpg

Robert Fleming

Managing Director, Bowen

“I have known Mark for nearly 15 years and in that time, P2L has worked in a CFO capacity with four startups and other engagements. Their expertise has been invaluable to me over the years in areas such as financial modeling, contract negotiation, organizational structure, due diligence, and fund raising. They are very responsive and have deep knowledge and expertise. P2L has been a trusted advisor over the years, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a CFO who can work at all growth stages of a company.”

Kanti Chakrabarti

Chief Operating Officer, Endeavour Partners

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“P2L has provided CFO, Controller, FP&A, financing support, due diligence management, and accounting services since Scripta's inception. Startups are hard. They require complete focus by leadership team members on their domains. Too often, startups shortchange their investment in finance, HR, controls and compliance because this "admin" domain seems ancillary and not central to the company's mission. This can be disastrous in the next due diligence cycle or if the company suffers an expensive compliance failure. Or worse, they hire a full-time CFO when there is definitely no need (or budget) for a full-time CFO. P2L is our fractional all-in-one finance and accounting department. They have the right people for the tasks that need to be done at a startup—whether tactical bookkeeping or complex financial models. This frees me and my team to do what drives the business.”

Eric Levin

CEO, Scripta Insights

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